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Welcome to Eagle's Cliff Residential Services.
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Eagle’s Cliff Residential Services is a group home in Portland, Oregon that provides services like assistance with everyday living, meal preparation, companionship, medication assistance, and many more.

At Eagle’s Cliff Residential Services, we are all about promoting the care and wellness of all our residents through assisted living. Many families worry over their loved one’s needs, and the unfortunate reality is many families’ direct support staff, who lack knowledge on the residents’ conditions, get overwhelmed. That is why choosing to invest in our group home for your loved ones is the best choice to make.

Our Mission

We make it our mission to provide residents with a safe and secure environment that prioritizes their health and wellness. To ensure no individual is barred from acquiring the care and service they will need, we work to be the provider they can count on.

Our Vision

We envision a future where our group home has grown and transformed into a respectable and highly-relied upon provider in the community that is notable for providing kind and compassionate care and services.

Core Values

Every one of our services is centralized on the values of:


We treat our residents as if they are an extension of our own family, providing for their needs with tenderness and love so they can feel comfortable and safe at all times.


Understanding the residents condition and being a pathetic with them. Many residents feel anxious having to rely on others, we address that by reassuring them gently that they can rely on us to support them.


Our professionals will be there to ensure residents receive quality care that addresses the health concern and needs in their individual support plan.

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